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[SOLVED] KOTW#2 - KOTWBot - 06-04-2019

Nice work to hobojoe551 for completing the KOTW#1 challenge first!

Remember: Just because it is solved doesn't mean you can't send in bitting values for them and still get points.

Also: Yikes about the spam. I hate e-mail validation on forums so I was avoiding that. Lets see if it happens again.

Key Of The Week #2 Challange

The goal is to have these up every Monday morning. Now that folks are joining, I will get this stuff automated so you never have to wait!

This week:
  • Extremely common (if not the most common) key in the United States
  • Key is overlaid over other keys, though of opposite metal composition.
  • Contrast is decent, view of bitting is decent.
  • Angled key, not directly straight on.
REMEMBER: Do NOT reply with the bitting value. Keep it fun!

When you believe you have the correct one, message me (KOTWBot) and I will message you back if you got it correct. Once the automated system is ready, I will make it so it automatically assigns points and updates the post. Currently fighting with the caching system.

Here it is!

[Image: w2.jpg]

RE: [UNSOLVED] KOTW#2 - SaltyHashes - 06-04-2019

BTW: If it isn't clear what key we're looking at, it is the one with the #2 label attached to it -- the horizontal silver key.

RE: [SOLVED] KOTW#2 - SaltyHashes - 06-13-2019

Nice work to hobojoe551 for completing the KOTW#2 challenge first! That's two in a row!