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How To Play
What is "Key of the Week"?
Each week, a picture of a key will be posted in this forum. Your goal is to uncover the "bitting" of the key using only the photograph. To keep it interesting, some weeks will be very easy -- for example, they may have a clear, contrasting background. Other times, they may be on a keyring in a pile of brass, dirty, or of an unusual key make.

Here's an example image:

[Image: example.jpg]

From this image:
 - You can identify the key maker by the head of the key, and find bitting charts (how deep each cut on the key is, which is how the key works). Some sites offer overlay images, sometimes you'll need to scale the image from the bow of the key.
 - It's against a carpet, so contrast won't be perfect
 - Key is off angle
 - Key is rotated

Using an image software (Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, etc), you can fix up the image -- as long as you don't change the scale of the image. Then, measure and enter the code in to claim your ranking and points.

Is this crowdsourced key breaching?
No. Over time, I've amassed quite the collection of keys that don't go to a lock anymore. None of these images are from people who are unaware of the key on this site (at least for the first while, all the keys posted will be mine. I have enough for at least two years... hoarders, I know.)

The goal here isn't to figure out random stranger's keys -- the goal is to clearly demonstrate how easy this is, even when the images are awful -- and to make people more cognizant of the data they leave in plain view of others when in public.

How do I submit an answer?
In the future, there will be an automated way to do this. For now, message KOTWBot the bitting and the week, like this:

See THIS THREAD for up-to-date info on submitting bitting.

This is a manual process so bear with me on this. I will let you know if you got it, and I'll make sure I get your name and points documented so that I can work it into the future automated system.

BITTING DIRECTION IS FROM BOW TO TIP: The first number in the series should be the one closest to the bow -- or the part you attach your keys. End with the number at the tip. Even if this is different than the manufacturers typical bitting order. Reverse submissions are wrong submissions.

Leaderboard, Points, and Tries:
For each week, each member gets three (3) tries at a key before subsequent guesses will not be considered. This is to keep folks from just scripting out a for-loop of attempts.
The leaderboard will contain information on the folks who nail this out of the park -- the person with the most firsts, the people who decoded the key first, and the points winners.

The points system is a variable system. I'm awful at building out these things, so I will store all the data I need to recalculate them later (if tries count, and so on).

For keys solved within the first week:
First Person to Solve: 10 points
Second: 8
Third: 6
All Others: 2

For keys solved after the first week: (Key is regarded as harder if nobody figures it out)
First person to solve: 20 points
All others: 4

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