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Site Updates 2019
Submitting Bitting Requests
I've started on an automated bot to handle bitting requests. KOTWBot already posts the key, and now you can message KOTWBot with your bitting guesses.

See the attachment for details on what a reply looks like.

When sending your message, follow this format:

Subject: KOTW1
Body: 123123

Any non-numeric characters are ignored in both bodies, anything leading zeros in the subject are also ignored (hence saying "Hey, KOTWBot -- Week #01 guess" Will work exactly like "KOTW1"

The letters flag on it.

If you find that you found a bitting code > 9 -- stop. I'm avoiding those for now.


When this is ready, it will handle your leaderboard and points automatically.
I'm happy to announce that this bot will now handle bitting submissions and notify you if it is correct or incorrect. Points / leaderboard is yet to come, but will include the current results as well.

Simply message KOTWBot, and make sure to include the following:

Subject: KOTW #3
Body: My guess is 12345

It looks for KOTW in the subject, and a number (the week number). It will also look in the body for a number there and use that. Anything else is just noise to the bot and won't matter.

Happy Decoding!

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