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KOTW#1 Explained
I want to keep each week open so that folks can improve their techniques and learn more about how this process works. But, to make understanding it a little easier, I drew out this (not at all to scale) drawing of of how to do this.

Each of the flat spots on a key is the cut (which, when measured, forms the bitting code). I drew yellow rectangles over each flat spot you would measure.

The deeper the cut, the higher the number (Some manufacturers go from 0-9, like Schlage. The key pictured here in fact does -not- go that high).

When you enter the bitting codes, you would read them out from bow to tip (so the handle to the tip of the key). In this case, the bitting for KOTW#1 starts with 56 and ends with ???.

Deviant Ollam has a GitHub repo under "Decoding" that gives you overlays that you can lay over the key to easily measure it. Of course, I won't be doing common house keys every week so this may not work forever.

He also has a fantastic talk from WWC about how to use this information.

Check out KOTW#2 to get an idea how quickly this can get difficult. I have quite a few ideas on how to make these even tougher, so lets see how ya'll do!

[Image: help.jpg]

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